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About Us

With over 35 years of member combined experience, we have a simple philosophy with customers expectations in the "Business World."
This "simply means" provide excellent service, quality and value for their dollars invested in PRODUCTIVITY.

We are always here to assist you in your rigging and hoisting applications. We realize every application and every customer's needs are different, so as knowledgeable product advisors we want to explain each product and its function. It's a refreshing break from self-service internet stores, as we are dedicated to helping you choose the right product and to understand what you are purchasing.

Our goal is to share knowledge of rigging methods, practices and how rigging equipment is used in order to help you do the job more easily and safely. With the help of our customers, we will be constantly adding to and improving our site so that visitors can benefit from the knowledge of others. For those whose needs go beyond equipment purchasing, we provide industry resources to inform and educate visitors about rigging products, applications and rigging safety.

So, if materials have to be lifted, moved, or secured, call us and let us help you select the preferred rigging equipment you need to get the job done.