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BTH Rigging

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance
• Chargeable On Site Sling Inspections
• Sling Maintenance Suggestions
• Compliance/Retirement Recommendations

Corrective Maintenance
• Wire Rope Sling Replacement
• Chain Sling Inspection/Repair Recommendations
• Synthetic Sling Inspection Recommendations
• Wire Mesh Sling Repair Recommendations
• Hardware Retirement/Replacement Recommendations

Chargeable Rigging Training Course
• Pre-Use Sling Inspection
• Softeners and Sling Protection
• Sling Hitches and Applications
• How to Verify the Working Load Limit
• Understanding Sling & Hardware Rating Charts
• Sling Angles and their Affect on Rigging
• Load Balance and Center of Gravity
• How to Determine Load Weight
• Manufacturer’s instructions, specifications and recommendations
• Understanding The Fall Zone
• Taglines and Their Proper Use